My name is Mike Powelson and I’m running for Congress in the San Fernando Valley’s 30th District because we need real change in Washington.1A

American democracy is on life support, and we must recapture it before it is too late. Decisions are made to benefit the 1%, at the expense of our jobs, our homes, our health, our education, our privacy, our safety, and our planet.   

Things must change if we are to survive. I promise to work for you, and your families and your children, and their children and grandchildren.  I have great faith in the people of this country, and know that we can do better. 

I urge you to contact us to learn more and to support my campaign.

 Mike IS on the Ballot!

We still need your help! Any amount is greatly appreciated.



green candidates

Mike Powelson with CA’s Green Team of Candidates: Luis Rodriguez for Governor, Laura Wells for Controller, & David Curtis for Secretary of State.